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Suburban Nature Strolls: After the walk

June 9, 2010

At Home Follow-Up

Once you arrive home, ask your kids to tell you what their favorite part of the walk was.  Encourage them to draw and/or write about something they experienced on the walk.

Try to provide opportunities to expand their knowledge through library books, internet pictures, encyclopedias, etc. based on the interests they share with you.  They will begin to notice more and more every time you stroll through the neighborhood if you are able to feed their hunger for learning in between each walk.

Options and Ideas for Future Suburban Nature Strolls

  • Take a camera and take pictures of anything _______ they find. (i.e. red, round, rough, etc.)
  • Take a sketchbook and pencil and have them draw the first ______ they see.  (i.e. tree, flower, butterfly, animal, etc.)
  • Make a scavenger hunt list and check off items as they find them.  (i.e. oak tree, yellow leaf, crack in the sidewalk with grass growing through, bird singing, etc.)
  • Bring home “treasures” and hot glue them to a piece of cardboard to start a Nature Stroll Collage at home.

Share your ideas for capturing nature even in the suburbs!

Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks.

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