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The Cloth Diaper Quiz

July 17, 2012

GED by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere
Take the following quiz. Give yourself 2 points for every “yes” & 1 point for every “no”.

1. Do you LOVE to do laundry?
2. Have you always wanted to play in the toilet but your mom wouldn’t let you?
3. Do you stay home all day with your baby and never leave the house, even on weekends?
4. Do you have no hobbies and too much free time?

If you answered “YES” to all these questions you may want to consider joining a MOPs group or invest in a Mother’s Day Out program at the very least! 🙂

Most of us don’t care for laundry, are still waiting for toilets to clean themselves; love our children dearly but are always looking for excuses to get out of the house with them, and have hobbies already from our pre-children years but have left them in the corners collecting dust and spider webs! So who wants to tack on more laundry, swishing dirty cloth in a toilet and having less time to spend with our families??!!??

That’s what I thought cloth diapering entailed….what I found was……

1.) I do only 1 load of extra laundry a day – that’s really not a big deal
2.) I have yet to “swish” any diapers in my toilet like my mother used to (any “icky-stuff” falls into the pottie with a gentle shake & I did this already with my disposables to keep the diaper pail from smelling as bad)
3.) Using cloth diapers has not hindered the outings I take with my children – I just pack a waterproof sack and drop the wet/soiled diapers in to launder at home (again, no different from disposables — keep that plastic shoppping bag handy!)
4.) And…I can’t say that using cloth diapers has helped me rediscover my old hobbies, but…there’ll be plenty of time for that after my babies are grown 🙂

Meanwhile…..the benefits of cloth diapers over disposables far outweigh the additional load of laundry I do each day!

What do you LOVE about cloth diapers? If you use cloth, please share your experiences and comments. If you don’t use cloth yet, feel free to post any questions you have!

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