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Centuries Notebook

June 29, 2012

books by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

We have used My Father’s World for 3 years now and have really enjoyed the timeline (among other things, of course).  The timeline gives the kids (and me) a visual to reference to the events of history. 

Growing up, History was never really my strong point.  (Until I had a really good looking History teacher in high school – for some reason I could learn from that man!  Ha!)  Besides his incredible looks, he also had a heart for teaching how things moved through time.  He inspired me to be a better teacher.  He was a “visual” teacher, meaning that he would act things out for us and he attempted to draw mental images of history in our brains.  I soaked this up and now I’d like to pass it on to my children.  Granted, none of them are high school age yet, but using a visual time line to get our minds wrapped around history and what came first and when is a desire of mine. 

Just ask my husband, he has had (more than once) to talk me down from drawing maps and timelines on our living room and bedroom walls!  He finally gave in a little and let me stick string and dates on one wall in the classroom to use as a timeline of events.  As gravity worked its wonders, the string timeline began to sag and droop so I decided there had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered the Simply Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries written by Sonya Shafer!  It is downloadable and completely FREE!  (I do love free!)  So, I got to work today and made one for our homeschool.

We started off with simple things like the birth of Christ, the births of our children, our wedding, the first President of the USA, Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin, and Benjamin Franklin’s life.  We can soon add to it dates from the Bible stories we read as well as other books.  I’m more excited about this new tool than are the children, but they’ll catch on soon enough.

Wanna make your own book?  You don’t need much.

Supplies Needed:

– 3-ring notebook

– printer paper

– 3 hole punch

– possibly a ruler and a marker

– maybe some scotch tape if you want to add pictures to your Centuries Notebook

Simply Charlotte Mason has all the directions on how to put your book together – simple, simple!  I hope you’ll try it so you join me in my excitement!

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