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Alternative Easter Ideas for Christians

April 26, 2011

daffodils by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereMany who read my blog are concerned about consumerism, especially where it concerns children.  So many Christian parents have resented and even boycotted egg hunts on Easter morning because they feel the hunt itself has little to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus.  My family, too, has battled over how to celebrate.

After a decade of sorting through the messages we want our children to pick up on, we’ve finally decided to focus on the topic of New Life.  There’s a little song we sing that repeats the words, “New life, new life, is what we have been given by the Lord.”  Because there can be so much indecision surrounding this sacred holiday, I’d like to share with you some of the things we do to help keep the focus on our Savior.

Gifts.  We don’t do a whole lot with the “traditional Easter basket”.  We do accept gifts from family members but each year we try to encourage them to use their creativity and look for gifts that have to do with new life.

Baskets.  Like I said above, we don’t have Easter baskets for our children.  Not that we couldn’t, or think poorly of them, we just don’t have them ourselves.

Egg dying.  We do dye eggs.  We love to use all the lovely Spring colors that God has blessed us with.  We don’t use a lot of commercialization to do this, just simple wax for drawing and Spring stickers (i.e. flowers, butterflies, etc.).  We always buy the decorations after Easter the year before so as to get a really great deal and avoid the crowds.

Easter bunny photos.  We do not do photos with a person dressed as a rabbit.  If we did do “Easter” pictures, we would make them “Spring” pictures instead.

Easter bunny chocolates We usually shy away from anything in the shape of “Easter bunnies”, including food.  If we do buy treats from the store, we make sure they can be directly related to the blessings we receive in the Spring season.

Eggs by sisterlisaEgg hunting We do hunt for eggs, however, we try to limit the hunting events to only two.  After you get this party and that activity and school and play dates these hunts can really rack up and leave our children with the wrong impressions of Easter.  Confusion is always a frustrating thing for a child.  When we do our own hunt at home, we use hollow eggs and do NOT fill them with anything.  When the children find them, they run to us open the egg and say, “The tomb is empty!”  We reply with, “He has risen, just as He promised.”  Then we give them a little toy or small piece of candy or a dime wrapped in aluminum foil.  It is our opinion that the children prefer this over just a simple egg hunt that ends as soon as you find all the eggs.

What do you do to keep your focus on the Savior during the Easter holiday?

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  1. April 27, 2011 10:27 pm

    Great article. We wrestled with the Easter celebration too and at one time became very strict with abstaining from it all together. That lasted about 3 years and for us it was a time for us to get focused on the Resurrection and learn to understand how grace and personal boundaries works together in our family. I listened to a podcast from a fellowship in Wisconsin that I found very helpful in finding a good balance for our own family. Now we celebrate Resurrection with a little bit of the cultural Easter fun, but we keep our focus on Christ and living out His resurrected life on a daily basis. The pastor of the fellowship did a 3 part series on is the first part. it’s the most balanced and grace filled teaching I have ever heard.

    • givingglory permalink*
      April 28, 2011 1:31 am

      Wow! Thank you so much for the link!

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