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February 2, 2011

“Don’t blame me!”

“I didn’t do it!”

“It wasn’t my fault!”

“She did it!”

“He made me do it!”

“They did it first, so I had no other choice!”

Ahhh…if I only had a nickel.  You, too, recognize these phrases, I’m sure.  Do they echo in your halls as they do in mine?

Blame.  We rarely want it to fall on us. Sometimes it’s not our fault.  Sometimes it really was an accident.  Occasionally, it was premeditated.  Most always it’s embarrassing.  We wish the shadow was cast elsewhere. Somehow it might make us feel better if we could push off the anger and frustration onto someone else.  If only for a second, it wasn’t us in the spotlight.

If for a brief moment we didn’t fail because of our choices. We didn’t fall because of our actions.

As moms, we must tread carefully on the skillful art of training our children. We want them to learn from their mistakes.  We want to make the proverbial punishment fit the crime.  But we have such power in our tongues. The power of accusation.

Adam must have felt the pressure of blame when God questioned his behavior in Genesis 3:11 & 12. {It was the woman…}

Eve surely felt that way when she deflected the blame for her failure in Genesis 3:13. {It was the serpent…}

And though they were wrong and felt ashamed and afraid, God still comforted them by clothing them. (Genesis 3:21)

What happened between 13 and 21?  The discipline.

They made the mistake.  They put forth the blame.  God set the consequences of their actions.  Then He provided for them again.

The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. – Genesis 3:21

What a remarkable example of how we should parent when our children fail. Swift discipline followed by care for our child’s well-being.  They, like us long to be right.  Wrong hurts.

How we all need the gift of God’s mercy and grace — Jesus.  He allows us to be faultless.  Blameless.  Above reproach.  Spotless.  Unrebukeable.  Clean.  Perfect.

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