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Guilt-Free Time for Moms

November 13, 2010

soaring_vulture by joyfulmama, on Pix-O-Sphere

What’s a life in the day of raising boys look like? Is yours full of guilt? Do you feel like you’ll never be enough, do enough, well enough? I joke with many of my friends about “losing the mother-of-the-year award” on a daily basis. (As if it were ever mine to lose!) Striving to be my best for three boys, most days I feel like I don’t measure up.

Here’s an example:

– wake
– break my foot on legos
– toss said legos into boys’ room secretly hoping he’ll step on them to see how it feels
– get breakfast ready
– listen to complaints about how I didn’t make it the right way
– mop up milk spills with my sock
– change a diaper
– clean up breakfast but no time to wipe off the counters before sending hubby out the door
– change my socks
– grab a sip of my now cold coffee
– 1st subject in homeschooling; toddler going wild
– 2nd subject; frustrations rise as son gets confused with reading; my patience dwindles
– start lunch
– solve arguments
– burn grilled cheese sandwiches
– scrape off burnt part
– lay remaining burnt part face down on son’s plate hoping he won’t notice
– add fruit and milk to table while wondering if I should be offering a vegetable as well
– call in sons for lunch
– sit down to check facebook while grabbing an apple and ewwwwwww…what WAS that I just sat in? Temper flares.

All this before noon?

When will I be able to squeeze in time to workout, have a devotional with the Lord, give one-on-one time to each boy (including my husband), make a healthy dinner, perform endless housework, run errands, and finish all the homeschool subjects from before lunch? (and shouldn’t I have had my devo time BEFORE facebook? Priorities???) And we all know it starts over again bright and early tomorrow morning.

A boy and his dog by cowsdontmoo, on Pix-O-Sphere
Finding balance IS difficult!  We have many jobs as moms and one job starting seems to bleed over into the last job ending. So often we feel like we’ve failed at the first one before the second one begins.  I, personally, have never really bought into the “you deserve it” mentality but the list above didn’t include reading aloud to my children or tossing a ball in the backyard. It surely didn’t include painting my nails, getting a haircut or shaving my legs!  There’s still a lot to get done – I deserve a break!

Let’s just face it, mommies work overtime whether they have a job outside the home or not. We DO get tired, overwhelmed and sometimes even grouchy.  As moms we truly need to take some time for refreshing.  Whether it’s blogging or napping or snapping photos or reading a magazine.  We’ve got to do something to remind us that there is an individual “inside” that was there long before we became moms.  And she’ll be there long after our boys leave the house.

The world will tell us how badly we failed at raising our sons on a regular basis, we don’t need to help the world beat us down. We need to embrace motherhood with all the gusto we can manage but also have moments of remembering who we are other than being moms.  No guilt in that!

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