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Kicked off the cheer squad for a little discretion

October 4, 2010

FOX News reported above that a 6 year-old’s mom complained about the language used in one of her daughter’s cheers.  To her dismay, this mother found her daughter was no longer allowed to participate as a cheerleader. 

My thoughts about this report are mixed. 

#1: Yay to this bold mom for standing her ground and following through even when faced with “sacrificing her daughter’s happiness”.  It’s tough as parents to stick to your guns and I think she is to be commended.

#2: Cheerleading at age 6 – really?  It makes me cringe!  Yes, when I was younger I always wanted to be a cheerleader.  I loved the way the skirt would be two or three different colors at one time.  In middle school I chose to be a cheerleader for Halloween when I didn’t make the team (year after year) just so I could have a really cute skirt!  (When I did make the squad in high school, even as a young Christian, I loved that I got to break the dress code when we wore our uniforms.  I felt important and beautiful with my short skirt.  What a sad memory to look back on now.)  But look at the young girl in the footage above.  The skirt is longer than most cheerleading skirts, but the neckline – wow!  Can we say plunging?  She’s SIX!  Plus, what exactly is being a cheerleader training our young girls for?  I sure don’t want my daughters looking to college or professional cheerleaders as role models!  Modesty and decency are not words that come to mind there. 

Overall, I’m glad that the mother took a stand for her moral structure, but sadly I think she never should have put her daughter into the program to begin with.  Everyone can cheer from the sidelines.  You don’t have to wear a tiny outfit or move your body in a seductive way to say “GO TEAM!”

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  1. October 14, 2010 5:32 pm

    I think it was completely ridiculous for the child to be kicked off the squad, but I’m glad her mother stuck her ground.

    It’s sad to see that cheerleading has turned into a way to showcase sexuality. When I graduated high school (12 years ago), the skirts were knee length and middles were covered up. Not only did the cheer for the teams, they competed in competitions, which I thought was pretty neat. It required a ton of athleticism.

    I’m not sure what to think about cheering now. My daughter is 6, like this girl. I just signed her up for Girl Scouts.

  2. October 21, 2010 1:53 pm

    I agree, the real problem is that cheerleading squads for 6-year-olds are modeled after teen and adult squads who are themselves questionable!

    Wittywife, it sounds like your school wasn’t typical. I graduated 19 years ago, and in my school the cheerleaders’ skirts barely covered their matching underwear-cover-pants, and it had been like that since I was a little girl in the late ’70s. Cheering started in 6th grade there.

    I would much rather see girls doing their own sports than cheering for the boys’ teams. Cheerleading often is athletically impressive and should be watched for its own sake, not sidelined.

    My friend who played junior high football told me he had to avoid even glancing at the cheerleaders during games because being sexually stimulated is just an uncomfortable distraction when you’re trying to play football! So are the cheerleaders entertainment for the male fans, or what? I don’t get it!

    I now live in Pittsburgh, where the pro sports teams don’t have cheerleaders. A couple of years ago I was a Girl Scout leader and took my troop to a U of Pittsburgh women’s basketball game, which was preceded by the cheerleaders inviting the girls down onto the gym floor to learn some moves. My girls were mystified–they barely knew of the existence of cheerleaders and just didn’t see the point–although they were impressed by the flips and splits!

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