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Fisher-Price Trike Recall

October 3, 2010

It’s been a couple days since the news of this recall was announced, but just in case you missed it or needed more information:  Fisher-Price has issued a voluntary recall of children’s tricycles (trikes) due to risk of serious injury.  Reports of serious injury have been noted when a child falls on the key.  (For more detailed information on potential injury, please see the CPSC website.)

How do you know if your child’s trike is part of the recall?

Take note of the shape of the key in the ignition.  D-shaped (photo above) and disc-shaped keys (photo below) are included in the recall.

 Flattened keys (photo BELOW) are NOT included!

Some of the most recognizable names in this recall include:  Hot Wheels, Barbie, Kawasaki, Dora the Explorer, Diego and Thomas.

What should you do if you own one of the D-shaped or disc-shaped key trikes? 

Remove the toy from your child’s reach immediately and contact Fisher-Price for a replacement.  (800-432-5437)  Remember that these recalled trikes may not be resold (legally) at yard sales, consignment stores or even on Craig’s List!  For your child’s safety, be sure to check the CPSC’s website for the entire contents of the Fisher-Price trike recall.

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