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Chores vs. Kids

August 21, 2010

Ever wonder what chores your children should be capable of performing?

Some local moms and I were talking recently and it quickly became obvious that our children at various ages and stages had completely different chores.  I’m sure you would find that to be true among your friends as well.  Not only can different age levels do different things, but different kids at the same age levels can do different things.

That being said, it still leaves you with a bit of trial and error as a parent trying to determine for what your child should be responsible around the home.

Focus on the Family has put together a good place to start.  Broken down into age ranges, this chart gives good age-appropriate chore suggestions. It gives you a baseline from which to start and then you can add or remove items specifically tailored to meet the abilities of your own children.

I hope you will find comfort and confidence after reviewing this chart.  It should confirm that you are already doing a great job teaching responsibilities to your children while also giving you ideas to improve what you’ve already started!

What chores would you add for your child?

Photo courtesy of clogozm

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