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Names of Jesus Garland

April 22, 2010

I am constantly challenging myself to put more scripture in my home.  I think it is a good way to renew my mind and the minds of my family members on a daily basis. As a child, I was often confused by what was real surrounding the festivities of Jesus’ birth and death/resurrection?  I knew the characters, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, were fictitious (eventually) but it was fun to pretend.  But because the characters were not real, my child’s mind also thought the events of Jesus’ life and death were also just stories.  This is one reason why my husband and I try diligently not to decorate around the holidays with these make-believe figures.  This doesn’t mean we don’t find fun in the holidays, but we do continually try to put Jesus in the forefront of our celebrations.

One of my favorite bloggers is Monica at The Homespun Heart.  In March, Monica had a wonderful post about how to turn her Christmas “Names of Jesus Garland” into an Easter project.  I was in the middle of a homemade Spring swap and thought I would purchase one of these for my secret partner.  Unfortunately, Monica was sold out.  But…there was still hope!  Monica so graciously posted how to go about making a garland on your own and I took the plunge.

Here’s what I did:

  1. First, I decided on which names for Jesus I wanted to use – there are TONS!  Instead of searching through the Bible on my own hoping to run across one, I found and used this Jesus Christ Is… website to be most helpful in making my decisions.
  2. Next, I printed all the names I chose from a Word document onto white cardstock.  Be careful of the spacing so that you have plenty of room to cut around your words.
  3. Then, I selected my color scheme.  I was personally looking for something with Spring colors that also matched my swap partner’s favorite colors.
  4. Borrowing a friend’s stamp sets (and expertise), I started out by tearing off the words that were printed on the card stock. This gave my paper a real feathery effect.
  5. Then, I cut or tore the colored papers until I had two different sheets for almost every word.
  6. Finally, I started working with the stamps.  I’ve never done much stamping and absolutely never any like this.  My friend was very patient and helpful with me as I tried to explain that I wanted an antique look.  (I felt that since Jesus has been around forever, I wanted the names for Him to appear old, too.  But, of course, this isn’t a necessity and Monica’s garland is not done this way and looks beautiful!  This was just my personal preference.)   We drug the edges of the papers through the stamp pads and then I taped the word papers and colored papers together.  Next, we used a paint brush and water to blend the colors together.  The water on the printer ink ran some, too, but I liked this effect.
  7. After all was dry I wrote the corresponding scripture on the back of each card and we put two colorful rivets in each of the sections and strung them together with ribbon.

Time consuming?  Yes.  Rewarding?  Yes!

Once the project was finished, I didn’t want to send it to my swap partner!  She assured me she loved it and would make good use of it, so I suppose I’ll just need to make one for my own family soon.

What do you do to turn your family’s thoughts back to Jesus in your home?

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  1. November 19, 2010 4:36 pm

    I LOVE this! I will be adapting this for my Christmas tree this year! Thank you for the great idea.

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