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Free Knitting Patterns

April 21, 2010

Do you enjoy knitting?  I woman knittinghave a bit of a love/hate relationship with that particular art.  I have mostly taught myself with a little “How To” I got on sale at Joann Fabrics, but I can hardly say I’m good at it.  I borrowed a round loom from a friend and (with a little help) successfully made a hat.  It had a rim and everything – I was overjoyed!  I was then able to teach both my daughter and my mom to make scarves on their looms which was a neat experience – all 3 of knitting together on the couch.

Now, I realize some might be of the impression that using a loom is “cheating”, but I would challenge them that it is a good starting point for someone (like me) who was terrified of attempting to learn this new craft.  As I’ve learned and searched for help, I’ve discovered a couple of free knitting resources that may of use to you knitters.

Knitting On the Net

Free Knitting Patterns

There is something terribly rewarding about using the hands you were blessed with to create a usable item out of a long piece of string.

Are you a knitter?  Do you want to be?  If you could knit anything for anybody, what would it be?

Photo used with permission:  mr_t_in_dc
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