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Time Management and Kids – Really?

April 20, 2010

Spiral ClockAs moms, it seems obvious that helping our kids practice time management is important. From the moment they are born it seems we begin trying to put them on a schedule.  Even if it’s a schedule they design, we constantly look for patterns in their day.  As they grow older, it doesn’t take us savvy moms long to realize that if we are able to help them better manage their time, it can help us as well!  Teaching our kids time management now is important and it will help them have a more organized and productive life in the future as well.

We can start our time management training by getting the right tools for our kids. We can make or buy them a calendar, like  a desk calendar or a wall calendar for their room. Having a pen,  marker (or even a crayon for the littlest ones) handy for use only on the calendar is a must.  These utensils in our home always seem to walk away, so we “tie them down” with a pretty ribbon that is stapled to the calendar.  Next, gather some fun stickers from around the house (we get them for free in the mail pretty frequently).  Have them first mark fun, important events like birthdays with stickers or colored ink and then take on the less desirable items, such as project due dates, test dates, and quiz dates.

Teaching our kids to avoid waiting until the night before projects or tests to start working on them begins at a rather young age.  Talking about what will happen next week (i.e. a doctor’s appointment or trip to the park) will help them to realize that events are generally planned.  Get them involved to plan a birthday party.  Break it down into sections that must be completed each day (invitation list, decorations made/purchased, ingredients for the celebration food, etc.).  Starting ahead of time – even when they’re younger will help them to accomplish things sooner and they’ll experience better, more satisfying results.

Photo used with permission: robbie73

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