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Government Baby Sling Warning

March 12, 2010

Navy Moby WrapSentiments from my heart:

I’m so thankful we have groups looking out for the safety of our children, truly I am.  I am grateful that we can learn from the accidents of others and not always be the ones to experience the pain. I agree that if children are dying and it is attributed to a baby carrier, people should be informed.  What I don’t understand is why the CPSC is leaking general warnings to the press about baby wearing as a whole.

When done correctly, wearing your baby is such a gift to both the parent and the child. Now, suddenly, the press is running rampant with news of horrible suffocation possibilities and stories of children with cracked skulls because they fell out of a carrier.  Doesn’t the CPSC know what kind of carrier caused this injury?  Can’t that carrier by recalled with a gentle reminder for parents to be extra careful in any situation where their baby is involved?  Instead, it appears, at least initially, that all infant carriers and slings are going to take the fall.  So sad.

Honestly, this is one of the things that concerns me when I see my favorite baby carriers heading into the big box chains. Is the part-time, high school employee at Target going to be able to tell me if I’m wearing my new Moby Wrap correctly?  Are they going to be giving training sessions?  I’m not picking on the employees or poking fun at their lack of knowledge, but seriously, they’re going to look at that trail of fabric and shake their heads.  I fear this will put babies at risk.Moby Wrap Dad

The Moby Wrap is, by far, my absolute favorite carrier. It wasn’t the first carrier I owned, nor was it the last, but it was my favorite!  So much so that I owned two of them at one point.  It’s versatile and beautiful and perfect for infants.  I only once had a fear that my baby was not safe in my Moby and that’s because he wasn’t! I’d wrapped it wrong on my first public outing!  (It was quite funny, actually, my husband saved the day before any disaster could befall my child – whew!)  But guess what?  I learned from that near miss and because of that experience I’ve been able to teach other moms what not to do.

I had to teach myself how to wear my baby and thankfully I had the Lord looking over me that day.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have been able to purchase my Moby from a local, knowledgeable retailer that specializes in these things rather than to get no education at the big box? So now, it is a mission of mine to teach other women the proper way to wear their wraps.

It is my firm belief that you really need someone to show you how to wear your baby.  There are some that don’t need the extra help and can read the manual, but these types of things were meant to be passed down from generation to generation as in the days of old.   Look at all the wisdom we miss by not learning from watching – apprenticeship.  We’ve lost a whole generation of knowledge (or more)  about cloth Moby Wrap Lovediapering, child birthing and breastfeeding because our moms didn’t teach us how. (Many of them didn’t even know how because their moms encouraged them to be career women instead of homemakers.)

We’ve lost our way.  It’s a long, hard road back.

Please be aware of safety when you use any type of  device in, on, near or around your baby.  I urge you to seek out a baby wearing group in your area or a retailer that specializes in carriers for that extra education you won’t get at Target.  You might not get your carrier for the same price, but you will get priceless wisdom for free.

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  1. babyhawk oh snap permalink
    April 6, 2010 10:27 am

    Buy from a reputable brand who design the baby slings in the best secure way.

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