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Caring Communities

February 23, 2010

CareCalendar LogoIf you have a church or civic group that helps to care for the elderly, those recovering from surgery, on maternity leave, etc., you need this website!  CareCalendar is free to all, though donating is certainly encouraged.  I set up an account to see how it worked and I found it quite easy to navigate and manage.

The premise of the web calendar is to allow a group of people to see the needs of the individual being cared.  This allows them to sign-up on the web to fulfill those needs.  The “need slot” will immediately show as “filled” for everyone in the group and reminder emails will be sent to both the volunteer and the coordinator.

For example, if your group is taking meals to a family for the month of March, the coordinator can set the CareCalendar up with all the dates needing to be filled with meal volunteers.  The volunteer can then log in and choose the date they can serve and even add details like what kind of meal will be brought.  There is ample space for the coordinator to add/edit the specific needs of the family allowing for premium and instantaneous communication with their group.  As a coordinator, you can even set up different “levels” of privacy for the family.  For example, childcare needs can be limited to a few intimate friends of the family while meals or visits can be opened up to the entire group.

This site fills a need that many organizations have – perhaps yours can use it, too!

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