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Peanut Butter Pinwheels

February 9, 2010
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The following recipe I found online (though I don’t remember where) from Penny Warner.  Although Ms. Warner has been criticized for her many recipes that contain peanut butter and other ingredients high in trans fats, like margarine, I liked it because it looked easy and quick.

If you’re like me, feeding a house full of kids that go from “fine” to “starving” in a millisecond, quick snacks are essential!  I do try to plan our snacks and keep healthy things on hand, but every now and then we run low on fresh fruit and yogurt.  I’ve found that the items in this recipe are staples already in my home.  Simplicity and availability have caused me to continue to rely on this snack in a pinch.



Peanut butter – honey – tortillas – crunch*


Spread creamy or chunky peanut butter and a little bit of honey on a fresh flour tortilla (available in the refrigerator section of most grocers). Sprinkle with granola* (or I use a store brand of Grape Nuts*), roll up the tortilla, then slice it into bite-size pinwheels.

Photo courtesy of carianoff/Used with permission.
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