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Wilton Silicone Baking Cup Review

February 7, 2010

I just found a deal at my local JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store that I’m excited to tell you about!  JoAnn sent me a coupon for 50% off one regularly priced item in their store and my son helped me pick out this:

Wilton Puzzle CakeIsn’t it adorable?  He saw the train and fell in love!  We needed an idea for baby brother’s birthday cake and at 50% off – this was perfect.  With this puzzle kit, there are differently shaped silicone baking cups inside that can be laid together to form different shapes.  Since my creative genius is lacking, I followed Wilton’s pattern to a T and made the Rocket Ship.  In addition to the train and rocket, there is also a pattern for a dump truck.  All three looked adorable and I’m sure there are many more combinations that could be designed with this set.  In addition, the animal set (sold separately) makes a bear, a fish and a turtle.

The rocket was a hit!

Final Rocket


  • no cupcake trash to toss into the landfill
  • colorful silicone material
  • dishwasher safe
  • price (instead of $7.25 for 1 cake pan, I got 3+!)
  • just like cupcakes, you only ice the tops – no need to ice the sides because of the pretty silicone colors
  • kids loved helping make the design


  • I had to “peel” the cupcake wrapper for the kids.  It was too stiff for them to remove successfully.
  • Filling the silicone liners with the batter was a little tricky because they were not sitting inside a shaped pan to give them support.
  • Getting all the remaining cake out of the cup was a might more difficult than I anticipated.  I sort of had to turn them inside out to get it all to come loose.


  • Fill batter only to the line marked inside the cup (not over) even though the directions indicate otherwise.  You can always add more batter to the cups if you have some left over, but scooping out batter to fill the last 3 cups is no fun.  (At least, I can only imagine it wouldn’t be any fun.  Not that I had that problem myself, of course!)
  • Bake a few degrees lower than suggested or a couple of minutes less than you think the cupcakes really need.  Mine burned on the bottom.  😦
  • If you choose to add candy to your cakes, be aware that each cake will need to come apart individually without the use of a sharp instrument, as it could cut through your silicone liner.  It’s sort of hard to pull apart a Twizzler.  M&M’s and Skittles worked well for us though.
  • Use an ice cream scooper to put batter in liners.  The kind that “ejects” the ice cream works really well.
  • You may need to use 2 cookie sheets butted together (as I did) or a long, sturdy piece of cardboard to display the entire cake.

The Wilton Puzzle Cakes come in both a Transportation Silicone Set and an Animal Silicone Set.  I am super happy with my purchase!

I purchased this item for my personal use.  This review reflects my own personal opinions of this product.  Neither the manufacturer nor any retailer of this merchandise has compensated me in any way for this review.

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