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Belly Sock Love

September 12, 2009

If you’ve ever had a baby you know the “muffin top” experience that can easily ensue after the birthing pains are long gone.  If you’ve ever nursed a baby, you have been faced with the rush of air across your exposed belly as you lift your shirt to feed your little one.

belly_sockWith my fourth child, I discovered a solution that will help put an end to these mommy woes……the Belly Sock!

I wish I’d had it before all those days of lining the car windows with towels and parking in the furthest parking spot to nurse privately.  I wish I’d known the elasticity of the sock to help hold in my postpartum belly.  If only I’d realized the flexibility this simple tubular piece of material would have given my entire wardrobe!

It provides belly support, skin coverage and a layering effect (only without the heat – we get enough of that with our fluctuating hormones, don’t we?) that flows smoothly with most any outfit.

A few notes, I got mine on a super sale, like less than half price and I chose a neutral color that would match many outfits.  Check it out – you’ll want one, too!

For the record – this review reflects my own personal opinions of this product.  Neither the manufacturer nor any retailer of this merchandise has compensated me in any way for this review.

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