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A Change Is Gonna Come

August 11, 2009
Not Happy with the Changes

Not Happy with the Changes

Ever wonder what it’s like to go from warm, dark and cozy to cold, bright and wild?  We’ve all done it.  Anyone reading this right now is a survivor of Roe vs. Wade.  Your mother may have done a lot of things wrong in your lifetime, but regardless, she brought you into this world from the comforts of her womb.  This world filled with noise and chaos must have been a shock to all of us as we emerged from our floating world of protection.  Somehow, we managed to endure the change and yet can’t remember a thing about the entry.

Was it scary?  Exciting?  Did we experience anxiety during the delivery?  Were we shocked or comforted when we peered into our mother’s face for the first time?  What about the new flavors and smells we began to experience?  Were we frightened or curious to see so much light?  What did we think about wearing clothes?  Diapers?  At the first bath, did we think for a second we were “back home” in the water?  Perhaps, somehow, we knew it was time to move on.  (After all, it was starting to get a little cramped in there!)

For whatever reason, whether to keep us from missing our first abode or to protect us from the trauma of entering the new world, we don’t remember our gallant entry.  It is a mystery at which we can only marvel.  One thing is certain, however, change is inevitable.  The babies grow, families move, loved ones die, jobs change, relationships end and new ones begin.

We can no longer live in the womb.  We’ve never been able to predict the future.  All we can do is welcome the changes.

Photo: (above) Used with permission:  Flickr Creative Commons license. Contributed by madaise.
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